Elementary Education Program

With over 60 years of educational experience, students of Fairmont Private Schools receive individualized attention and benefit from an advanced curriculum. As a result, they accelerate in math and language arts.

Fairmont values the importance of specialty teachers who focus entirely on important subjects such as computer science, math, science, robotics, debate, theatre, art, music, physical education, and student government. Fairmont teachers blend technology and tradition for a curriculum that helps students at all levels advance in their education. The individualized learning paths developed for each child are based on testing, teacher interactions, and the student’s unique talents. The low student to teacher ratio fosters close connections with students for better guidance and academic success.

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Even though Fairmont is known for its academic rigor, every year we exceed expectations by taking students with average and above average abilities and help them to achieve their highest potential and gain acceptance to the top universities

Mr. Jackson, President & CEO

  • WASC & AdvancED accreditation
  • Fairmont’s 8th grade students read at college and career-ready levels
  • Character education incorporated into curriculum to give students a framework for making smart decisions and preparing them for leadership roles in the future
  • Extracurricular program offers wide variety of subjects so students can pursue their passions
  • Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader programs allow students to learn and advance at their own pace
  • Advanced math in elementary and junior high allows students seeking a challenge to take pre-calculus before high school
  • Art, computer lab, music, foreign language, science lab, P.E., and library classes incorporated into curriculum
  • Teachers receive support and professional development from Fairmont’s own Education Department
  • High rankings are scored in the Broadcom Master Awards, State Science Fair, and National Spanish Spelling Bee
  • 25 consecutive 1st place finishes at the Orange County Pentathlon

One of the best things about Fairmont is that we encourage each child to excel. We never put a cap on a child’s learning if he or she is ready for the next challenge.

Carole Calabria

Historic Anaheim Campus Director from 1980 - 2017

Character Development

All Fairmont students are taught the traits of Character Counts! with an emphasis on fostering social-emotional development and peer relationships. We incorporate these traits into all that we do and recognize students when they display them.

Character Counts! is a framework centered on basic values called the Six Pillars of Character, which are highlighted throughout the year including: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are enrollment applications due?
Open enrollment for prospective students begins mid-February. To avoid being placed on a waiting list, we recommend that applicants for the upcoming school year submit their applications and complete an assessment as soon as possible. Fairmont has a rolling admissions policy—after March, qualified students are accepted as space allows.

How much homework can a Fairmont student expect?
Homework is an essential part of a successful education. It is necessary for academic growth and the development of good study habits.Students in grades kindergarten–5th will be given nightly homework assignments Monday through Thursday. Typically, homework is not assigned on weekends except for special projects and reports. Homework Club gives students an opportunity to work on assignments after school.

Do you offer extended day care?
Supervised day care is available for students before and after school. Day care hours are from 7:00 a.m. to the start of school and from the end of school until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Homework Club provides the opportunity to study and do homework after school. They can also participate in supervised indoor and outdoor activities.

Do you offer after-school activities?
After-school enrichment classes and activities are available. Typical class offerings include golf, piano, art, dance, and academic chess. Fourth and sixth grade students are invited to participate in an after-school athletic program. Each Campus has teams in flag football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

Do students attend study trips?
Day and overnight study trips are an integral part of Fairmont’s instructional experience. Some of the exciting trips planned for this year’s Anaheim Hills Campus students include Sacramento, Outdoor Science Camp, Catalina, Riley’s Farm, and the Long Beach Aquarium to name a few.

Do you have a dress code?

Fairmont students are required to wear school uniforms purchased through Parker Uniforms.

Do you offer bus transportation?

Routes are determined based on need and additional routes may become available. We also encourage carpooling. A list of parents willing to share transportation costs is made available each year. Visit the transportation web page for more information.

Do you require parent involvement at the school?

Many schools require parents to contribute a number of service hours to the school or pay a fee in lieu of the hours. Fairmont does not require parent involvement. We do, however, have an amazing Parent Association in which you can participate if you so choose. Our parents plan wonderful events each year such as the traditional Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, and other exciting events. Many of our parents volunteer in our library as well.

Visit the Parent Association web page for more informaiton.

Do you accept international students at the elementary campuses?

Students must take the admission test in person and successfully pass. International students may also be asked to take an English proficiency exam. More information is located in the International Foundation Center section of the website and we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office for details.

Do students attend study trips?

Day and overnight study trips are an integral part of Fairmont’s instructional experience. Some of the exciting trips students have attended include Sacramento, Outdoor Science Camp, Catalina, Riley’s Farm, and the Long Beach Aquarium to name a few.

How can I visit and learn more about Fairmont?

Private tours can be arranged by calling the Admissions Department at (714) 234-2771. We look forward to welcoming your family to our school.

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