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When Fairmont students understand a complex scientific theory, play in an orchestra for the first time or earn a high score in a debate competition, they edge closer towards reaching their full potential. These and many other noteworthy accomplishments identified in our Report Card are the outcomes of the Fairmont Experience, a unique and world-class combination of programs and services that support academic, artistic, and athletic excellence.

What drives the Fairmont Experience and sustains our vibrant learning community? Our faculty and staff embrace a culture of internal engagement and dedication to excellence. Teachers and educational experts collaborate on the best teaching practices, top-notch curriculum, dynamic extracurricular programs, and the blending of innovative technology and traditional instruction. Together, we prepare students to become confident leaders and lifelong learners.

Our exceptionally high level of engagement is recognized by families when they see how their children love Fairmont and appreciate the challenging, captivating, and fun learning environment. The impact on students is significant in the fact that for more than eight years, 100 percent of our graduates who attended Fairmont since early childhood received acceptance to the nation’s top 100 colleges and universities. What is even more amazing is that 30 percent to 35 percent of these Fairmont students started at Fairmont with average standardized test scores in our elementary classes, yet still were accepted to these very selective colleges and universities.

This significant accomplishment is attributed to our passionate educators. Fairmont teachers foster close connections with students to provide relevant guidance and empower them with determination to succeed well beyond expectations.

This year’s Report Card brings together Fairmont’s top academic, artistic, and athletic achievements starting in early childhood and continuing through high school. Credit goes to Fairmont’s teachers, staff, and parents whose unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every statistic and to the students whose hard work and talent appear on every page.

David Jackson
Fairmont CEO

David Jackson Fairmont President

David & Stacey Jackson

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