Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus

A Fantastic School with a Strong Sense of Community!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus. Built upon a strong sense of community, parents, students, teachers and staff all work together to provide our students a rewarding educational experience. We focus on building self- confidence and academic skills to help children achieve their highest levels.

As campus director, I am thrilled to serve families as the educational leader at the Anaheim Hills Campus. Over my 25 years in education, I have served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, campus director, college instructor, and educational consultant. I am also the proud father of three children. I know just how important your child’s education is to you.

Collectively, our teachers and staff will take great care of your child, and we will always do what is best for students. Continuing Fairmont’s tradition of academic excellence, I look forward to partnering with you, your child, and our amazing team of faculty and staff to help prepare your child for success.

Dr. Kevin Rafferty
Campus Director
Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus

Kristen Jansen
Dr. Kevin Rafferty
Anaheim Hills Campus Director

Meet the Anaheim Hills Administrators

Campus Overview

Campus Quick Facts

  • Orange County Academic Pentathlon First Place Division winners for five consecutive years (7th grade)
  • Award winning junior high debate teams on both local and national levels
  • Extended Day Robotics Program
  • Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reader Programs and Advanced Math for junior high students
  • Daily extended day activities along with summer programs
  • Expansive gated and fenced campus
  • Fairmont teams participate in the Developmental Sports League (DSL), which includes boys’ flag football and basketball, co-ed soccer, girls’ volleyball, and basketball. Fairmont teams also participate in the Junior High Tri-Way Sports, which includes boys’ flag football, basketball, soccer and girls’ volleyball, basketball, and soccer

Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus

Fairmont Private Schools Anaheim Hills campus is a wonderful educational community where a culture of excellence, a diversified curriculum, and dedicated educators come together to give students a truly exceptional learning experience. We believe that students come first and always work towards meeting their individual needs. There is a high level of professionalism among the teachers and staff of the Anaheim Hills campus. They hold high expectations for themselves and their students. The success stemming from this accountability is remarkable.

Academically, our students achieve some of the highest standardized test scores in Orange County. Our music, art, science, and sports programs receive recognition with many students earning awards at science fairs, sports tournaments, art shows, and music/drama performances. We appreciate our involved parent community and encourage open communication as we all strive for excellence in education.

Meet the Anaheim Hills Teachers and Staff

After School Programs


Your child will learn the basics of soccer, which include shooting, dribbling, and the rules of the game.

Hip Hop Dance Class

This class is designed to introduce the Hip-Hop culture through the element of dance. The class begins with a basic warm-up to stretch and tone the body, followed by progressions for basic technical training, concluded with a fun and energetic routine.

Happiness is NOW (HIN) is a social youth movement to help those find their path to happiness. This interactive dance presentation creates positive energy, promotes the science of happiness, and speaks the truth about success. HIN demonstrates the importance of finding your PASSION in achieving ultimate HAPPINESS and redefining personal SUCCESS.

Drawing / Painting / Clay

This class will offer students a variety of art experiences and take home quality art projects. Your child will create works of art in acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, printmaking, and both polymer and ceramic clay. They will learn about art from the masters as well as contemporary artists. In addition to the two-dimensional drawings and paintings, your child will create a polymer clay medallion and ornament and a ceramic fish dish. Art is an avenue to explore, express, build confidence and have fun!

Young Doctors

WHAT'S UP DOC? Making your very own brain, that’s what!!! This series teaches children about the body’s circulatory system, respiratory system, and integumentary system, (LOOK IT UP!). We’ll review basic 1st aid for burns, sting, and bites. We’ll also show you how to take blood pressure readings and make fake wounds that YOUNG DOCTORS like to treat!


Coach Joel will teach the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and shooting the basketball. Three on three play will be introduced as well as other games and drills that will develop your child’s abilities.


Make a hole in one with Coach Joel! Learn the fundamentals of driving, chipping, and putting. Learn the stance and swing needed to drive your ball to the cup.

Cheer / Gymnastics

This class will introduce basic cheer skills, warm-ups, stretching, splits, bridges, kicks, jumps, formations, beginning stunts and choreographed cheer routines. We will also introduce basic tumbling and gymnastics skills with mobile equipment like, mats, wedge mats, balance beams and more! We always use age appropriate music and movements, to build skills, coordination and strength along with self-confidence and body awareness!


Let’s start off the new school year with an all-new ten week session of hands-on science fun! Get ready to construct a Mega EG bot, a customized robot that can race and battle. What tools will you add to your EG bot which will help it survive? The fun won’t stop there; let’s discover the science of Dihydrogen Oxide (water). What likes water, and what doesn’t? You’ll love the new splash day, where we have fun with wet n wild water games. (We won’t get too wet) Up next, we introduce the amazing H2O Hydro-Rocket. Setting new records all over California, this rocket is built for high velocity excursions. Get ready to rock with the new “Rock Dock.” We’re going to learn the science of sound as we build a real music player! Built with speakers, a circuit board, and more components, you’re ready to plug in your electronic device to listen to your favorite music, anywhere! Sound rocks! Everything is made to take home, as always, for this new session. Sign up today to join the science fun!


Want to become the Grand Master of Chess? The Fairmont Chess class is the place to start. Classes are for anyone from beginner to advanced. Students will learn the basic concepts of captures, check, checkmate, and the stalemate. The class will cover both chess theory, and strategy.


Little Aces Tennis is a fun and exciting tennis program specially designed for boys and girls ten and under. Using smaller courts, nets, rackets, and special balls, your child will learn how to play tennis instantly, even if they have never picked up a racket! Children learn in a fun and exciting teaching environment with former Stanford NCAA Champion and USTA National Coach Debbie Graham Shaffer while learning tennis specific skills and proper technique.

Elementary Jazz & Hip Hop

Your child will learn a combination of Jazz and Hip Hop Dances and Technique, with today’s most exciting steps, and age appropriate music and movements. This class builds body awareness and self-confidence along with flexibility and strength while teaching dance technique and skills.

Robotics and Engineering with LEGO

Students love our interactive, hands-on classes where we build “real life” objects out of LEGO® bricks while exploring the concepts of engineering, architecture, and physics. Students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills as they bring their LEGO® bricks to life using motors and batteries.

This unit is all about the fun of doing something with what you’ve built. From a spinning top to a spin art model, kids will love playing with their creations! But don’t worry, we sneak in lots of learning, too! Don’t miss out!

Each student will receive a Bricks 4 Kidz t-shirt and customized LEGO mini figure. Children learn math, engineering, and science concepts while building with battery operated LEGO® creations. Students will build different LEGO models each week, learn why and how these models work, and create their inventions using our huge tub of LEGO® bricks!

Drawing / Painting / Clay Class

This class will offer students a variety of art experiences and take home quality art projects. Your child will create works of art in acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, printmaking, and both polymer and ceramic clay. They will learn about art from the masters as well as contemporary artists. In addition to the two dimensional drawings and paintings, your child will create a ceramic wind chime and textured polymer dish. Art is a creatively fun and inspirational way to end a busy school day!