Someone once said, “Never stop learning because the world never stops teaching.” For Fairmont 6th grade teacher, Kelsey Bladow this particular quote rings true. Bladow is a teacher at Fairmont Historic Anaheim Campus (HAC) and a student at Concordia University, where she is currently finishing her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.


Kelsey Bladow, teacher at Historic Anaheim Campus



In addition to her studies, Ms. Bladow was sent to Washington D.C. in December 2018 to attend an IB conference and learn about the program in-depth. After she returned, she described her experience as “wonderful.”

“IB is really cool and in my opinion what teaching should be.” Currently, the Historic Anaheim Campus is in IB candidacy. Although the process is lengthy, once accepted, HAC will be the first Fairmont P8 campus to offer an IB program to elementary age students.

A passionate multi-subject teacher, she also teaches 6th grade honors reading where she shares her love for literature and writing. “I want my students to develop a hunger for education. Even if they don’t follow a traditional educational path, as long as they are passionate and continue to learn, that’s all that matters.”

When Kelsey is not at Fairmont, you may find her in her kitchen creating delectable dishes or trying new foods “cooking is my favorite hobby,” Bladow smiled.

Meet Kelsey Bladow - HAC Teacher and Lifelong Learner
Article Name
Meet Kelsey Bladow - HAC Teacher and Lifelong Learner
Fairmont teacher, Kelsey Bladow has found her purpose! She's a teacher and a student. She is currently finishing her master's degree at Concordia University in Curriculum and Instruction.
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