The private versus public high school debate has been an ongoing discussion across living rooms throughout America. Is one really better? Although both have their pluses, a clear winner has emerged in recent years.

In June 2002, the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), found that private high schools had students that scored higher on standardized tests and sent more graduates to college than public schools. At Fairmont Preparatory Academy, 91 percent of our graduates have been accepted to *Top 100 colleges over the last five years. This is directly attributed, in part, to the Fairmont College Promise: We promise students who attend Fairmont Private Schools from at least 7th through 12th grade will receive acceptance to and scholarship money from top colleges and universities.

Equally important are the hidden values not always considered when deciding to attend a private versus public school. The most significant being the student-to-counselor ratio. If your child has dreams of attending a top university, it’s imperative they work closely with their counselor to create an educational plan that will ultimately help them achieve their goals. Currently, the average ratio in California is 760:1. At Fairmont Prep, the student-to-counselor ratio is 72:1. If your child needs to speak with their counselor, they have same-day access.

Perhaps you’ve already made the decision—private education is the best choice for your child. Why Fairmont? At Fairmont Prep, our mission is clear; create confident leaders and lifelong learners who will thrive in college, and throughout their lives. This goal is achieved by creating individualized learning for students to pave their path toward success. By designing specialized academics (Advanced Science and Engineering Program (ASEP), International Business Program (IBP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Math, and 25 AP courses), our graduates stand out, a vital component in the college application process.

In addition, Fairmont Prep provides access to opportunity. Students are encouraged to participate in one of the 46 clubs, 15 sports, and over 50 activities and events held throughout the year. Campus life is an essential aspect of the total high school experience; creating lasting friendships assists students in building their confidence as individuals, teaches vital life skills, and promotes empathy. These are all traits they will carry into the workforce and throughout their lives.

It’s true not all private high schools are created equal, and numerous choices exist. Parents are encouraged to look beyond the well-manicured campuses and consider the true educational values of each school. Ultimately, today’s students must cultivate a wide range of knowledge, experience, and real-world skills to compete in a rapidly changing world. Fairmont Prep students build a solid academic and social foundation while at the same time developing strong character traits and cultural understanding—attributes of a well-rounded student and competent global citizen.

*As defined by U.S. News & World Report.

Private Versus Public Education is One Really Better?
Article Name
Private Versus Public Education is One Really Better?
The private versus public high school debate continues. Is one really better? Although both have their pluses, a clear winner has emerged in recent years.
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