Dear Fairmont families and students, prospective families and students, administrators and faculty:

As we celebrate the 2018 graduating class of Fairmont Preparatory Academy, I want to take a moment to reflect on our mission here at Fairmont Schools and the promise we have made to our students and families who choose to take their educational journey with us.

For more than 60 years, students at Fairmont Schools have thrived academically, physically, socially and personally. We are committed to the common goal of shaping lives to create a better world. At the core of it all is educational excellence, as evidenced by the academic performance of students at our four Orange County private school campuses, as well as our international programs in Asia.

With this focus on the whole student, it is my honor to promise our students who attend Fairmont schools from at least 7th to 12th grades that their Fairmont education will give them the foundation to be accepted and receive scholarships to one of the top schools within their target category, including national, regional and/or liberal arts schools, as defined by U.S. News and World Report. The longer a student stays at Fairmont, the more success he or she will have in the future. With this promise comes great responsibility for our teachers, staff and counselors to work closely with students to identify which schools are the best fit for them and ensure that Fairmont Private Schools is paving the best path for students’ futures in higher education and beyond.

Is it bold? You bet. Is it unprecedented? Absolutely. It is called the Fairmont College Promise, the first and only of its kind.

Although our College Promise is a major commitment and investment for our school, it’s something that we insist on offering to those who choose to accept it. Above all else, our students’ success in the future is our number one priority. We work closely with all students to get them into their dream colleges by identifying whether or not certain colleges are actually the best fit for the student. We have eight counselors on staff, of which four are college counselors. In fact our student to counselor ratio is 72:1. Our teachers, staff and counselors are involved in each student’s academic journey every step of the way.

How does it all work? Part of the College Promise is admittance and the other part is scholarship. More specifically, we promise that students will earn acceptance to at least one of the Top 100 colleges or universities, and/or receive enough scholarship funds from at least one Top 100 college or university. Based on what quartile each student falls into, they can receive a combined scholarship of up to 100 percent of the four years of tuition they paid to attend Fairmont Prep. Otherwise, we will provide the difference in the form of a scholarship, paid directly to the college of their choice. We are that confident in the academic and life skills that your students will learn during their time at Fairmont. It is that confidence and our track record that allows us to promise a return on investment in your child’s future.

It is so important to me that students are placed in the right schools that I personally keep in touch with as many graduating seniors as I possibly can. I reach out to every graduate on his or her birthdays each year and love hearing from them that they landed in their perfect schools.

Over the past five years, 91% of graduates have been accepted to Top 100 colleges and I beam with pride to see that we have fulfilled our Promise once again for most of the graduating class of 2018. I want to thank each and every family and student for being a part of our Fairmont family and story. It is your trust, support and engagement that allow us to make the College Promise and work with your family and student to pave your path to a bright future.



Mr. David Jackson
President and CEO of Fairmont Private Schools

An open letter to Fairmont families and students, prospective families and students, administrators and faculty, from Fairmont President and CEO David Jackson
Article Name
An open letter to Fairmont families and students, prospective families and students, administrators and faculty, from Fairmont President and CEO David Jackson
Mr. David Jackson, President and CEO of Fairmont Private Schools writes a letter to all current and prospective families, faculty, and staff to convey why we offer the Fairmont College Promise.
Fairmont Private Schools

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