You already know that Fairmont has a high school, Fairmont Preparatory Academy. Maybe you’ve heard about the top-notch academic programs Fairmont Prep provides, or maybe you are familiar with the impressive college outcomes of our graduates. But maybe you’re thinking, “That’s great, but my kid is not a straight ‘A’ student and they won’t do well at a place like Fairmont Prep.” Well, we want to help you understand what Fairmont Prep is all about.

Last year, we had a student graduate with a 3.5 weighted GPA who was offered more than $120,000 in scholarships from seven different schools, and this student was not alone. This is why you hear so much about the Fairmont College Promise.

We know that our students succeed at a variety of levels. One of the things that Fairmont Prep is great about is working individually with each student and finding ways to bring out the best in each student. Maybe your student excels in the arts, and, if so, we have amazing art courses for them to take. Maybe they have a great passion for social science and English, and, if so, we have amazing teachers and programs in those subjects, too. We are able to tailor a unique academic experience for each student at Fairmont Prep.

Yes, Fairmont Prep has its fair share of 4.0+ GPAs, but it also has quite a few students that never take an honors or college prep course. And yet, all our students have a story to tell. Each of our students finds a way to leave a mark here at Fairmont Prep. It may be singing in the choir, performing in the spring musical, or playing defense on the football field. Other students have found their place in Academic Decathlon or as a part of student government.

Every student has a place at Fairmont. Yes, we will challenge them, but it is always at their level. There is not just one recipe for success. Try us out. Come see what Fairmont Prep is all about. Meet the teachers, the coaches, and the counselors. See what makes Fairmont Prep special.

Prep Pride: A Place for Everyone
Article Name
Prep Pride: A Place for Everyone
Regardless of your student's GPA, Fairmont Preparatory Academy is a place where everyone can succeed thanks to individualized and well-rounded programs.
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