Beginning in 2nd grade and continuing to Fairmont Prep’s “Huskyteers” robotics program, Fairmont Private Schools is proud to maintain a program that provides students with valuable skills to carry through their academic careers, and into the future! Below are just a few reasons why you should enroll your student in Fairmont’s robotics program!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
Fairmont’s robotics programs encourage students to use technology while applying math and science concepts to solve problems.

Software Programming Logic
A large portion of robotics classes are dedicated to understanding the computer software that enables students to successfully program a robot to complete specific tasks.

Communication & Teamwork
Students will strengthen communication skills by working as a team and learning how to collaborate on projects and present their findings.

Critical Thinking
Robotics requires deductive reasoning, logic, and strategy. Students will develop conflict resolution skills and will learn the fundamental method of problem solving by trial and error, understanding that failure is only an opportunity to succeed.

Students will learn the valuable ability of not just seeing something for what it is, but for what it could be.

Researching Skills
While our programs are instructor-guided, students will discover how to find answers on their own.

Fairmont’s robotics program inspires students to continue building upon their skills. The lesson doesn’t stop once a student has successfully built a robot. After asking, “How can you make that robot better?,” students quickly learn that they are capable of surpassing their own expectations.

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