Fairmont Schools is happy to announce that the newest version of fairmontschools.com has improved campus calendar features.

Where are the new campus calendars located?

The new calendar is located on the top blue bar of the website. Click on the calendar icon to select your campus.

What are the new calendar features?

  • Mobile friendly – The new calendar formats will display properly on your mobile phone.
    Note: if you are in private browsing mode, you may not see the calendar event details. You will have to turn off private browsing mode to view them.
  • Search for an event – type in the name of the event you would like to search for.
  • View Options – List, month, week, and day views are available.
  • Event Details – Hover over an event on the calendar to view the event details. Click on an event to view details as well as a map and directions.
  • Filter Events: You can now display only the events that pertain to your child. Click on “Show Filters” to reveal event categories. Clicking on the box next to the category will display only those specific events on your calendar.
  • Add the Campus Calendar Your Calendar – You can now feed the campus calendar into your Google calendar or other applications. Click here to learn more.

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