The tricky thing about summer break is that students have a tendency to get a little rusty in their academic skills. Education circles call this the “summer brain drain.” It’s estimated that students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in mathematics during summer vacation. There’s a significant drop in achievement when comparing standardized test scores from the end of the school year with test scores taken at the end of summer. Summer brain drain is a fact, but it’s not inevitable.

Studies show that quality summer programs act as a supplement to keep students learning all year long, boosting a child’s academic achievement and confidence before the new school year.

Here are four reasons to consider summer school for your child:

  1. Extra practice and review of key concepts in reading, writing, and math help reinforce academic skills and fill any gaps in a child’s education over the past year.
  2. Smaller class sizes often available in summer school classes foster student and teacher engagement, encouraging a child to feel more confident in his or her abilities and when helping for help.
  3. The relaxed environment that summer school provides is more beneficial to a child’s brain development than hours of watching TV or playing video games. Plus, during summer school or camp, a child has opportunities to engage with friends while building character and participating in a variety of rewarding activities.  
  4. The slower pace of summer school allows a child to “play” while learning new subjects, discovering new areas of interest, and developing important problem solving skills.

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